We provide flexible, industry-specific software for Signage Letter manufacturers

We introduce for Signage Industry, Quote MAnagement system in 1 st time in Thailand. These ERP completely different than other module since it use mm/cm dimensional calculation.

Signage are completely different to Letter to Letter, Every customer orders different type of style for their business Logo / Sign Boards / Sign Letter Business name. We find a solution to make these quote complicate quotes in few simple clicks.

I have worked for Signage Industry before 5 years, very complicated manufacturing process since always build new. Algorythm and structure and make types material time to time very different. So quote making is quiet complicated than other industrial products. Becuase customer to customer and dealer to dealer it's completely different craftmanship. So dealing with this industry you need to have experience to make CRM/ERP manufacturing process.

ERP Benefits:

G-Tech Solutions ERP for Signage can save your cost, buy invidual programs for each operation our ERP will solve the problem wit centralize data. Our ERP can reduce the time and effort required by your workforce to carry out their daily activities. Properly implemented,

G-Tech Solutions ERP has covered all Reports specially Fiance / Customers / Orders / Quotes / Payments across all departments in single window, It contain cosolidated report for management service with thre category levels Customers / Office Staff / Agents / Admin Levels easy to Plananing.

Your company’s clients also receive ERP system benefits, even if they don’t know it. Because client information is centralized and streamlined, your sales team will build and maintain customer relationships instead of keeping spreadsheets. The number one thing a business should be concerned about is customer acquisition and retention. Through the end-to-end tracking and insight offered by an ERP system, Online Payments / Ordering / Checking status of orders will keep the customers notify timely.

This ERP allows for real-time project updates and better communication across the whole company. From the level of making the Quote until to production complete / Ship, every employee has on-demand access to the entire company’s wealth of data, which allows them to see the big picture. In turn, this gives your employees the tools they need to make proactive decisions while making them feel more valued. The net effect on your business is increased efficiency and reduced operational costs associated with manual data tracking, as well as higher employee engagement.

Helping you every step of the way

Full Service implement ERP System



We begin by evaluating your existing infrastructure and make recommendations based on your requirements and budget.


Plan & Design

We then work with you to understand the technology and product options and evaluate the pros and cons for your specific objectives.



We will establish an implementation plan that will minimize any service interuptions.


Train & Optimize

G-Tech Solutions will train, perform reviews and fine tuning to ensure each project is successfully executed.

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